Vince Welch


I’ve had a rewarding career, been husband to the same woman for more than 30 years, and dad to three respectable young adults…I should quit while I’m ahead, right? Of course not!

After 20+ years in network television, broadcasting some of sports’ biggest events including the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500, I’m enjoying the opportunity to spend more time at home these days, yet still participate in a wide range of projects through my voice.

Whether it’s radio/tv commercials, corporate voice-over, e-learning, audiobooks, instructional videos…whatever your need, let’s chat about it.

Sports has been my background, but my interests are far and wide. I am blessed to participate in a prison ministry, regularly write for several local magazines, and love the fun and competitiveness of pickleball. Active, creative, serving…a cool life vibe.

I’m ready. Let’s go.

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